Good Morning Everyone,

First off I want to say what a thrill it is to see so many people responding so positively to my blog.  In the first day, I had 370 views.  That makes me so happy because I know my words are getting out there to the masses and helping parents with kids who have ACC or other kids or adults who have ACC.  🙂Sleeping  In this blog post, I will discuss becoming a dad and the steps and research Sarah and I went through to find out if our children would have ACC.  I hope this post helps those couples who are trying for a family.

Sarah and I wanted answers, and not just general answers, we wanted cold hard facts and stats.  The problem was we couldn’t get specific stats or percentages.  Sarah and I talked about this a lot before we started trying to conceive a .  I said to her things like I want to know what the exact percentage was of my son or daughter getting ACC from me.  We agreed that if the percentage was very high, say like 80%, we would adopt. Me and Ben

I wish I could say that we got the definitive answers we were looking for, but we didn’t.  I asked my doctor, as well as several other doctors and neurologists all the same questions.  I combed the internet and read books on the subject for months.  I even let my concerns be known to my A.C.C. friends on Facebook and we always got the same answer.  No one can be sure.  It could be high, it could be low.

Needless to say, Sarah and I did a lot of praying and soul-searching and we decided to go ahead a start trying.  They way we figured it was that A.C.C. can be seen prenatally with the use of an ultrasound.  Sure enough, when the ultrasound showed a very active baby girl with a perfect little brain, we were thrilled.


Oh and guys out there, there is one more thing.  I don’t care who you are.  It doesn’t matter if you are a big tough guy, or a hopeless romantic like me.  Your heart melts and you well up, the first time you hear that heart beat.  Oh, and another thing, yes, you will grow to sometimes hate a baby’s cry.  Well, for me, it is the constant nagging, and wining that gets me.  But when you first hear your baby cry and gulp in that very first breath of air, that is the greatest.  Sometimes you have to wait a bit for it.  That happened with Ben.  It seemed like an eternity, but once we heard it, we breathed a sigh of relief and were overjoyed.

I would really like parents feedback on this one.  Did you do the same due diligence as Sarah and I?  Did you try something else?  What other avenues did you travel down?  Please let me know.  Yeah, I know.  Emily and I sleep the same way.  🙂  Until next time?



4 thoughts on “CAN MY KIDS GET ACC FROM ME?

  1. Aimee

    I’m ready to have another one, though I am getting up there in age, I’m so scared the next one will have ACC also!! Ian is such a joy and is really a sweet little boy, but I’m afraid if I have another ACCer I won’t be able to fully give them what they need. We had genetic testing on Ian and never found out the reason why. I have high hopes though since my first was an atypical child. But I have to remember things happen for a reason and God doesn’t give you more than you can handle:-)

    1. brianmalaquiass Post author

      Hi Aimee,

      Yes, God will provide. Don’t forget that people have children all the time. My mother was the oldest of 8. My dad was second youngest of 6. They both grew up poor, but their was love in the house. My cousin has a very rare disease. Patience is a blessing. My aunt had other children as well. You can do it.

    2. Lisa m. Ny, ny

      I felt the same way with my second baby. My son is amazing but I fel like if I had another kid with acc I would ruin HIS life because of the attention that the baby would need. Aiden is doing great but there is no way to know if the next child would be better or worse. There is no genetic issues with Aiden but I couldn’t be sure this wouldn’t happen again. I tried to find answers to the numbers question too but never found good answers so we took a chance! Now, my 3 month old baby girl is here and she’s fine! I remember when we saw the cc on her 20 week us as she turned her little head right towards the camera as if to say, look mommy! I’m ok! They couldnt see it at firs and while her brain looked fine i wasn convinced until we saw it which i hear is almost impossible to see on a sono! I cried harder than when I found out my son had acc! Now she does things early and its amazing to see milestones just happen and having my son makes me realize even more what a miracle it is that my little girl is ok and doing everything she should!

      1. brianmalaquiass Post author

        That is great news about your daughter. I am sure their is no favoritism there.

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