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Pats vs. Bills Week One


Oh my word what a roller coaster that was!  I knew it was coming too.  I know we are now 23-2 in our last 25 games against the Bills, but lately it just seems like a grind with them.  They always play us tough.  The Bills new quarterback, EJ Manuel is very good.  So without further a due, here are my grades for week one.

OFFENSE: Overall C

QB’s: B+

Tom was good, not great this week.  He had 288 passing yards with two touchdowns and one interception.  The tight ends were very quiet.  Tom Brady was 1-of-3 for 5 yards and an interception when targeting tight ends on Sunday, the second time since the start of 2010 that Patriots tight ends have not caught multiple passes in a game.  We need Gronk back badly.  That pick was not his fault.  He needs more time to gel with his wide outs.  He did a great job on the last drive to set up the game winning field goal.  Grade B+


Riddley was awful.  His grade was a D-.  He needs to hold onto the damn ball.  I am glad they benched him.  Vereen balanced things out with a tremendous showing.  His grade is an A.


The tight ends did nothing.


The wide receiver corp was a mixed bag.  Yes, Edleman with a grade of an A, and Amendola same grade, had great showings, but that was it.  The rookies need to get on the same page with Brady.  Most of the plays, they looked like a monkey screwing a football.   They need to work on their routes especially.

Offensive Line: C

Tom was hurried, sacked and rushed way too much.  They made some nice holes for Vereen, but overall, I think they need to do a better job.

Defense: C-

Defensive Line: C

They did a decent job against the run, but they need to apply far more pressure on the QB.

Linebackers: C

See above.

Secondary: C

The only reason why it is this high is the only shining light for the secondary was Kyle Arrington.  He had a great game.

Special Teams: B

Stephen Gostkowski had A a great game, and the unit did manage to pin the Bills deep in their own zone a few times.

FINAL GRADE= 66% D  We need lots of work.